So the other day I was looking up cereal boxes on ebay, as one does, and I thought some of the prices of things were interesting. At the top of the highest price listings was a box of Kellogg’s Pep cereal, which was kind of like Wheaties. It’s cost was listed as $1,999.00, but it apparently went for less, so I can’t tell if it’s actually valued at that much. The next highest valued was a box of Cocoa Krispies from 1970 with a clay caveman mascot on it. That sold for $574.99. Next was a box of Post Sugar Coated Corn Flakes, that had some cut-out baseball cards on the back, one of which was Sandy Koufax – it went for $450. After that, a Donkey Kong Junior Cereal box from Ralston sold for $324.

I sometimes hold on to interesting or unusual cereal boxes that I come across, but I had no idea certain ones could be worth that much to collectors. Of course I don’t have anything that seems to go for much, according to ebay, but who knows.

You can check out some of these completed auctions if you’re curious.