Munchy PortraitMunchy is the mascot of Crunchy Bunches cereal. Optimistic and adventurous, he’s ready for whatever it takes to find new flavors, shapes and colors for his beloved cereal. He lives in a tree called the Crunch House, and is founder of the Crunch Club.



Zemi PortraitZemi went to live with her uncle Munchy at a young age and never really knew her parents too well. At 9 years old she’s already quite a bit smarter then Munchy in subjects like geometry, history, …well, everything other then cereal. When not reading in the library, she spends time with her Cookie Scout troop.



Theo PortraitTheo the Glowbee is Munchy’s assistant mascot. He’s new to the ropes, but has proven to be an enthusiastic (if overly so) sidekick. He’s been a major fan of Crunchy Bunches since childhood, so working at the Crunch House is a dream come true.



Gyra PortraitOriginally built by the Growlies to destroy the Crunch House, Gyra has since defected to Munchy’s side and now helps out around the treehouse. GYRA stands for Gadgetized Yogurt-powered Robotic Automaton.



Growlies PortraitThe Growlies are a couple of strange things that really only seem to care about causing trouble for Munchy. They hate his cereal and everything it represents. They only want hunger to exist at the breakfast table and will do anything to make that happen.



Benton PortraitThe once-mysterious boss of the Growlies, Benton’s mission in life seems to be getting rid of Munchy. As a rival cereal mascot himself, Benton struggles to achieve the fame and recognition Munchy does. He seems to believe all that success was robbed from him the day Munchy (unknowingly) swiped the Cocoaberry Tree right out of his grasp.