It’s Cereal Review Time once again!

Here we have “Pebbles Boulders: Stone Age Caramel Apple” from Post. This is Limited Edition folks, so things just got real.

An excerpt from the box: “While digging in the Bedrock quarry, Fred & Barney unearthed some fossilized green bones! Could they be from the legendary Applesaurus – a dinosaur whose bones, it’s said, tasted like apples? Did this Stone Age apple eater really exist? Dig up some bones yourself in Pebbles Boulders and let your taste buds decide!”

It goes on to prove these theories with advanced (presumably stone age) x-ray imaging of an Applesaurus bone filled with apple-like shapes. No question about it: these are green, edible fossilized bones that taste like apples. Why eat an ordinary apple when you can get a similar flavor from devouring ancient bones? Such delicacies are paired with caramel balls, a fine compliment to neon femurs.

In conclusion I will say this: never have I eaten a better tasting bone-based meal. If you’re a bone connoisseur, this is the breakfast you’ve been waiting for.