The Last Ingredient for Munchy’s Great Cereal Quest is here on this very island! If you’re new to the comic, you might enjoy catching up on previous chapters! You’ll find a drop-down list to the left, just under the comic itself containing all the chapters so far, in order. Or, here are some select chapters you might find enlightening:

The Quest Begins is the first Great Cereal Quest comic, taking place in the Crystal Thicket. The previous chapter, “Sir Munchwell” is also a good place to start, for some backstory on Munchy’s ancestor.

If you want to start further back, The Gauntlet of Doom kicks off Benton’s (our villain) plan to disrupt Munchy’s comfortable life in the Crunch House, prompting the great Cereal Quest. His plan continues in chapters “Kids in the Cave,” “Showdown at Mt. Scrumptious,” “Crunchy Evil Bunches,” “Take Backs,” and “The Lost Backpack.”

Starting yet further back, the chapter The Boss introduces Benton (our villain) as well as a few more notable characters like Gyra the robot. Chapters “Doom Robot,” “The Greatest Disguise,” and “Benton” continue the plot. I also recommend “Realm of the Cookie Elves” since it introduces Graham the cookie elf.

Of course, you could also start from the very beginning chapter, “Crunchy Bunches” and work your way through! Anyway, thanks for reading!