I practiced my Disney style for weeks so I could draw three panels of this terrible pun, I hope you’re happy.

This is the month of September, the month when I first started Crunchy Bunches! In fact, the fifth anniversary for this little comic is on September 24th! It really doesn’t feel like five years, but that’s where we are! Hoozah!

This month is also about the time each year I like to take a break from updates and a unwind a little. There’s plenty more Crunchy Bunches adventures to come, but the next scheduled update will be October 22nd, just in time for some spooky Halloween hijinks! I’ve also got the next chapter in Munchy’s Great Cereal Quest planned out, which will start in November. So stay tuned, Crunchy Bunches will be back after these messages (and by messages I mean a few weeks)! See ya then!

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