So this exists. —-> HYPERLINK!

I have a few cereal ideas I could tweet into reality. Let’s see…

1. “Crest Crunch” – Mint cereal that cleans your teeth while you eat. Not sugar free. #thegreattasteoftoothpaste #moreworkfordentists

2. “Oops! All Frosting” – A mix-up at the factory left out the flakes, so now it’s just the frosted coating! Other versions include “Oops! All Raisins” and “Oops! Just Crumbs at the Bottom” #mistakesarefun #sportsenergy

3. “Milk Puffs” – The great taste of milk, now in cereal form! #flavorexplosion #turnsyourmilkwhite

4. “Cheery Holes” – Like doughnut holes, but for Cheerios. Other versions include “Olympic Holes” and “Honey Nut Holes.” #9holegrains #eatyourholes

Okay. Now I just wait. Tell me if you see any of these in the store.