Frosted KrustyO’s: A Critical Examination

The Simpsons is an astoundingly old show these days. It is, as an entity, old enough to drink. Bart, in real years is now almost as old as Homer is on the show. Think about that craziness.

Since a thing can’t go for a quarter century without at least 23,004,974 products being sold based off it, we have this:

Frosted KrustyO’s Sweetened Multi-Grain Cereal with Natural Fruit Flavors. “The best you can expect from a TV clown.”

I was originally under the impression that this was a Kellogg’s thing, but now that I’m looking at the box, there’s no clear brand name. It’s like it appeared out of nowhere. Seriously, whomever produced this cereal did not want their name easily associated with this product. Is that a good or bad sign? All I could find was a fine print blurb way at the bottom corner saying “Distributed by: MOMCO.” Isn’t that the corporation from Futurama? hmm…

The cereal itself is basically Fruit Loops, though this is just my admittedly faded memory. I ate this probably back in 2007 or 08 and just kept the box. And really, that’s the main attraction here. You don’t buy this to choke down a stale Fruit Loops rip-off. You buy it because this is from the cartoon. It’s a figment of Matt Groening’s brain come to life from another dimension of people with bugged-out eyes and yellow skin. In that sense, it’s pretty great. You’ve even got the jagged metal KrustyO on the box illustration right there, from that episode where Bleeding Gums Murphy dies. Exciting!

Anyway, if you like Fruit Loops but don’t really want to eat actual Fruit Loops because of some weird love/hate psychological defect, and also enjoy clown-based breakfast foods with kooky sayings written all over the box, and also live in the year 2007, this is a very nearly good enough cereal for you.