Let’s review a cereal today, shall we?

Okay, this week we have: “Kellogg’s The Amazing Spider-Man Limited Edition Spidey Berry naturally & artificially fruit flavored with Lizard Villain Marshmallows Cereal.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of any more appetizing flavor then ‘Spidey Berry.’ Remember when you were 7? Remember when your parents took you picking berries for the first time? Remember that green shirt you wore? The green shirt isn’t important, so forget that one. But, remember the first time you picked a big, ripe, juicy berry and were about to bite right into it when all of a sudden a daddy long-legs crawled from the other end onto your face and you screamed so hard you blacked out?

Of course you do. And that folks, is what this cereal is all about. Spidey Berry.

Inside, we can see the featured shapes include green/yellow lizard marshmallows (spiders AND lizards with my berries?!? Yes Please!) as well as not one, but TWO different cobweb shapes. Not enough cobwebs in your breakfast? Try Spider Berry Crunch: It Has More Then One Kind Of Cobweb!(tm)

It’s berry cereal with marshmallows, and if you have any class at all you’ll know immediately what that tastes like. It’s FrankenBerry! Spider-Man thought he could get away with it too, but disguising the ghosts as cobwebs and the bats as lizards wasn’t enough! This still has spooky Halloween cereal written all over it.

Spider-man’s villain The Lizard shows up to the party as well, in disembodied marshmallow form. He does not taste like lizards, but thankfully looks like a Kamen Rider helmet. This helps me to imagine I’m eating Japanese Spider-Man cereal, which is a plus.

The back of the box makes a valiant effort to combat the image of cereals not being educational enough, by adding some challenging trivia guaranteed to jazzercise your brain muscles. I’ll leave you with one such mind expander, concerning the social impact of technological rivalry in nature, and it’s relation to spiritualism.