Every year it creeps closer and closer, enveloping more and more of our surroundings until there’s nowhere to turn! Pumpkin Spice is taking over! There’s no stopping it! Resistance is futile! Bow down to your Pumpkin Spice masters! … at least until spring.

There actually is a pumpkin spice cereal out now, a flavor of Frosted Mini-Wheats. At the risk of going against this comic’s joke, I think it’s pretty good. Pumpkin spice is alright with me, in general. It’s one of those things you either loooooove, or have been driven to a deep, dark hatred from the incessant omnipresence of.

One more thing- Thanks to everyone out there for reading this comic! I’ll be taking a break from updating during November, but expect more new comics on the first Saturday of December. Until then, you can keep tabs on my goings on with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram!