I’d like to do a couple quick cereal reviews if I may.

First up-

Nothing says delightful, freshly-baked cinnamon pastries quite like a crusty, gray-haired sea captain. Thus, here we are. Honestly, it tastes like any other cinnamon cereal you’d find. Not quite as ‘crunchy’ as usual Cap’n cereals either, to be honest.


Cinnamon seems really in this year (The year of the Snake. Coincidence? I think not.), so I can’t help but think this is Cap’n Crunch’s last-minute bid to hop on that sweet, sweet cinnamon money train. Well, Cap’n, you did it… but it got messy. Final Score: 3.9/7

Now we have-

Peanut butter on toast is not a pleasant snack, if you ask me. It’s somehow both dry and sticky at the same time. So of course, Wendell the chef here decided it needed it’s own cereal. See? Just in case you forgot what the flavor was, he’s pointing it out to you:


“Don’t forget this is PB, kids. Seriously, I wrote up a test and if you think I don’t have the nerve to grade you on the curve, you’re wrong!” -Wendell, 2013.
I was actually pretty surprised with how this one tasted. It’s a fairly realistic peanut-butter-on-toast experience. Not quite as sweet as other pb cereals, and oddly enough you can really taste the ‘toast.’ Final Score: 9.6/4

How do the two compare? I don’t know, I guess all I can say is one is a cinnamon version of a usually peanut butter flavored cereal promoted by an elderly man with floating eyebrows, and the other is a peanut butter version of a usually cinnamon cereal promoted by an elderly man with floating eyebrows. But that’s not really important. I think what’s important is how much work went into one of these products:


Wendell, you sad, insane man. You’re going to die before you finish that batch.