Today’s high-flying adventure is brought to you by the letter H, but more importantly by The Helium Challenge!

So here’s the deets on this challenge: A webcomic challenges two other webcomics to post a strip with a helium-based gag. Then that comic challenges two others, etc. etc. The whole thing was started by Jon Esparza and Warren Frantz and you can read about it on Jon’s site here. I was challenged by the comic Pirate Mike, which you should definitely check out if you like pirates or the suburbs. You should also check it out if you like neither of those things because, well, I like to be inclusive.

Anyway, so I’ve added my helium strip to the collective and now it’s time to call out a couple comics for the challenge! So I’m nominating the hilarious Mad Dog by Looey Q, and the impeccable Chainsawsuit by Kris Straub. I hope you guys will accept and have some fun with it!