Today I’ve got a new cereal to review! This one is Poppin’ Pebbles from Post (say that five times fast).

Photo Feb 28, 8 17 29 PMThe gimmick here is that the cereal, which is otherwise berry flavored, has a few special green bits that fizz like Pop Rocks when you eat them. The only other cereal I can recall that did this was a short-lived Powerpuff Girls cereal that I never did try when it was around. It always seemed like an effect that should theoretically be really popular, so I’m surprised no cereal has had it between then and now.

The flavor of Poppin’ Pills Pebbles is mixed berry. It isn’t as intense as the normal fruity or cocoa flavors of Pebbles, which I think makes it generally less memorable, but it’s not bad for what it is.

Photo Feb 28, 8 17 36 PMThe small green orbs are filled with the fizzy stuff, and you can feel that by biting into them. They’re harder then the rest of the cereal, which I suppose is to make sure they don’t fizz out in the milk, but it kind of makes an inconsistent texture for the cereal as a whole. Truth be told, most of the fizzy bits didn’t really work for me. Only a few of them had some subtle effect.

Overall, Poppin’ Fresh Pebbles isn’t a particularly impressive cereal, but it’s the only thing like it out right now, so I’d give it points for effort. If you ignore the fizzy part of it, the berry flavor is worth a try. I mixed this cereal with Peanut Butter Toast Crunch at one point, and the PB&J flavor of it was surprisingly accurate.