It’s been a while since we last saw the Growlies. Here’s a quick story recap (Or read from HERE if you don’t want spoilers): After being ordered by their mysterious boss to destroy the Crunch House, the Growlies devised a plan to build a Giant Doom Robot that would crush Munchy’s treehouse once and for all. The robot ended up not so giant, but nonetheless the Growlies were able to get it inside the Crunch House, where it promptly began it’s destructive mission. Meanwhile, Theo the Glowbee was on his way back from space, where he had been looking for the elusive Invisible Space Berry. During his descent, his rocketship accidentally plowed into the Crunch House causing a massive explosion. The Growlies, thinking they had been victorious, celebrated. Fortunately for our heroes Munchy and Zemi, they had followed the robot into the indestructible Recipe Vault and survived the explosion. The robot, however, also survived and continued blasting away. Theo came to the rescue finally, using his special Crunchy Bunches Brand Hacking Whistle (free inside every box!) to convert the robot to Good. Munchy, along with the help of the robot and several new friends was able to rebuild the new Crunch House, making it even better then the last. The Growlies, on the other hand, where unceremoniously tossed off the tree by their former Doom Robot.