When I was a kid, I went through a Kool-Aid mixology phase. It began innocently enough, just grape and strawberry. Orange and Purplesaurus Rex. The usual. Then, after a while I had an idea, and things got weird. I began the Never-Ending-Kool-Aid-Flavor Project. The last bit of the previous Kool-Aid must not be consumed, instead being mixed in with whatever the next batch should be. Repeat that step next batch, and so forth. What was simply Mountainberry Punch in the beginning, would in the end, transform into a dense, black mystery liquid not even time itself would dare penetrate. It’s void assimilated the tragic, mutated DNA of Great Bluedini, Sharkleberry Fin, Scary Black Cherry, Pink Swimmingo, Man-o-Mangoberry, Rock-a-dile Red, Incrediberry, and yes, even Kickin’ Kiwi-Lime. Their powers combined, they became something more then the sum of their parts. Something powerful, incomprehensible. To imbibe of this iterated elixir was to drink of the Universe herself. The Gods on high, in their infinite wisdom, could have easily confused this with whichever magical nectar flowed forth from the heavenly fountains on Mt. Olympus. To describe this transcendent flavor would be folly. But for the sake of Science and the records of History, I shall attempt it.

…Sugar. Yeah, actually that’s pretty much it. It tasted like sugar.