Honestly, is there a single cereal mascot from a bag that anyone ever remembers? Maybe those Kangaroos, I guess. That’s about it.

While we’re on the subject of cereal… Here’s a interesting factoid I recently learned. Next time you’re in the cereal isle, pay attention to what direction all the characters are looking. Go do that now. I’ll wait.

You back yet? No? okay.

Alright, good. Notice something?

mascots looking down

They’re all looking down. Weird!
Apparently, this is a marketing thing. They noticed that all the kids would look up at the shelves, so to compensate, all the mascots look down at the kids. Like, “Pssst- Hey kid! Yeah, you! I SEEEEE YOOOOUUUUU!” Kinda creepy, but whatever.

And now you know.