Not every little plastic knick-knack that came out of a Crunchy Bunches box was well-received. Some were downright travesties.

Here’s another excerpt from the book On Wings of Grain: The Ultimate True History of Crunchy Bunches Cereal, Second Edition by P. F. Wayne Greyforth Jr.:

“…and not without the zookeeper’s left sock, but I digress. It was the 1970’s and times weren’t grrrreat for the cereal industry. Stocks were down, rice prices were up, and there was a shortage of the red dye used to make things cherry flavor. But one ray of hope remained, and that was TV and Movie personality Jack Tanington. Tanington would play an integral part of Big Cereal’s eventual rise to dominance, but first- he had to learn a valuable lesson about friendship. It was not until his late forties that Tanington realized the most important thing in life, love, and financial success was…”

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