Seems like the gang has finally located the Lemonstone, source of Sodafall Grotto’s lemon-lime fizziness!

Speaking of fizziness, the other day I heard news that The Powerpuff Girls were coming back, which of course reminded me of the Powerpuff cereal:

Unfortunately I never did try this cereal back in the day, but it seems to have a kind of Pop Rocks type of effect to it. If so, I don’t know why this cereal didn’t take off in popularity. It could’ve been the next Ecto Cooler, outliving it’s franchise license for years, based solely on how awesome it was. Yet, it didn’t seem to last long from what I remember. Maybe it was actually terrible. I don’t really know, but do any readers out there have memories of Powerpuff Girls cereal? What was it like, from your recollection?