Get it? “Soda-renched?” Haha! Hee Hee! It is to laugh! haha heh ho… ha…. yeah, okay not really that funny. Moving on.

Today I’d like to do a little thing I like to call a “Cereal Review!” YUP! What’s up this time? Let’s see:
It’s Minions! Cereal!

These guys are everywhere now, so it only makes sense that they’d invade your formerly minions-free breakfast table. Just from the box we can surmise that General Mills has taken their base ‘Toast Crunch’ template and literally stamped the Minions onto it with an accompanying ‘Banana Berry’ flavor. I’ll admit, Banana-berry is a fairly original taste for cereal so at least they weren’t completely lazy about it. Also it kind of makes sense in a weird free-association kind of way. Dudes look like bananas, okay? Bananas in denim overalls.

So yeah, they’re square toast pieces with Minion designs stamped on them. Let’s open the box check out the results of this innovative approach.

boxClose cerealClose

Nailed it.

Overall, it’s actually a pretty good cereal. The strength of the Toast Crunch cereals has always been their flaky texture, and that’s still true here. The flavor itself is surprisingly subtle, but it works. This one’s definitely a unique cereal. I’d give it two and a half Minions out of the only three Minions that seem to matter, apparently.