Hmmm, looks like this Halloween, the gang is dressed up as The Wonder Weenies!

Wonder Weenies is another great webcomic you should check out, but you might be wondering why Munchy and Co. are costumed like super-powered fast food employees. Well, in the spirit of Ye Olde Cosplay, our comic this week is playing part in the 2014 Webcomic Halloween Cross-Costume Event. In the days leading up to Halloween you’ll see a few dozen participating comics suit up their characters in the disguises of other comics! This was started by Caleb Child, and the idea is for each comic to link to the other comic that’s being referenced, and by Halloween you’ll be able to click through the whole ring to see them all! (Somewhere out there is a comic with it’s characters dressed like mine, but I’ll let you find it for yourself!)