Halloween will soon be here, so we better make sure we’re fully prepared for the madness with a few more cereal reviews!

I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a legendary cereal, but Frute Brute gets about as close as I can imagine. Despite not being around for decades, it’s made appearances in movies, and been referenced in pop-culture as the ultimate nostalgic breakfast snack. Now, completely surprising everyone, Frute Brute has made a comeback. It’s a little sad that the original flavor of mixed fruit with lime marshmallows isn’t in the box, but the new flavor isn’t bad at all. The new Brute is cherry flavored, which it pulls off pretty well. Most cherry flavorings are too sweet for me, but this one isn’t any sweeter then the other monster cereals, maybe even less so. It’s kind of like eating a bowl of potpourri, but in a good way. They say that most of what you taste comes from smell, which is evident here. It makes a good compliment to the other fruity flavors in the line, and I hope to keep seeing it in future seasons.

Yummy Mummy is also a returning cereal, and as with Frute Brute, a new flavor as well. This time it’s orange-cream, as opposed to the mixed fruit and vanilla marshmallow taste of the original. This one surprised me with how good it tastes, actually. It’s an even more convincing flavor then Brute, extremely reminiscent of an orange creamsicle. It’s more complex of a flavor then the other four, and it may even be my new favorite (I’ve normally gone for Count Chocula first).

Although some people might be put off by the flavor changes, it seems to me that the appeal of these cereals has mostly been the mascots. I’m sure you can tell I have an appreciation for that sort of thing, so having two missing characters return is pretty exciting. Just a quick search around the web, and you can find a lot of others that feel the same way. There’s certainly some nostalgia at play, but I think a lot of it comes from the sense of fun that things like this bring. It’s almost like playing with your food, except your mom won’t get mad at you.